Salesforce Platform Developer-1 practice questions – set 8

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Salesforce Platform Developer-1 practice questions – set 8

Salesforce Platform Developer-1 practice questions – set 6, these questions will help you to prepare for certification.

What is the capability of IDE? Choose 2 answers
A. Edit metadata components
B. Run Apex tests
C. Run debug logs
D. Roll back deployments

A Hierarchy Custom Setting stores a specific URL for each profile in Salesforce.
Which statement can a developer use to retrieve the correct URL for the current user’s profile and display this Visualforce Page?
A. {$Setup.Url_Settings_c.Instance[Profile.Id].URL__c}
B. {!$Setup.Url_Settings_c.URL__c}
C. {!$Setup.Url_Settings_c[Profile.Id,URL__c}
D. {!$Setup.Url_Settings_c[$Profile.Id,URL__c}

A developer needs to know if all tests currently pass in salesforce environment
Which feature can the developer use? Choose 2 answers
A. Developer Console.
B.ANT Migration Tool
C. Salesforce UI Apex Test Execution
D. Workbench Metadata Retrieval

Which statement should a developer avoid using inside procedural loops? Choose 2 answers
A. System.debug(‘Amount of CPU time (in ms) used so far: ‘ + Limits.getCpuTime());
B. update contactList;
C. List<Contact> contacts = [select id, salutation, firstname, lastname, email from Contact where account;
D. if(o.accountid== aid)

which statement would a developer use when creating test data for products and pricebooks?
A.List objList = Test.loadData(Account.sObjectType,’myResource’);
B.Pricebook pb= new Pricebook();
C. Id pricebookId=Test.getStandardPricebookId();

How can a developer determine, from the describeSObjectResult, if the current user will be able to create record an object in apex?
A By using the hasAccess() Method.
B. By using the isCreatable() method.
c. By using the isInsertable() method.
D. By using the canCreate() method.

What is a valid statement about Apex classes and interfaces? Choose 2 answers
A. Exception classes must end with the word exception.
B. A class can have multiple levels of inner classes.
C. The default modifier for a class is private.
D. The default modifier for an interface is private.

A developer created an Apex trigger using the Developer Console and now wants to debug code.
How can the developer accomplish this in the Developer Console?
A. Open the Logs tab in the Developer Console.
B. Select the Override Log Triggers checkbox for the trigger.
C. Add the user name in the Log Inspector.
D. Open the Progress tab in the Developer Console.

What is the benefit of Lightning component framework?
A. More pre-built Components to replicate the salesforce Look and Feel
B. better integration with sites
C. More Centralized Control via server side logic
D. better performance for custom salesforce1 mobile Apps

App builder is having difficulty adding a visual force page to the salesforce1 mobile app navigation menu. What might be the problem?

a. The smart search is not enabled for the visual force page.
b. A tab has not been created for visual force page.
c. The menu configuration has not been set up correctly for the visual force page.
d. The visual force page references the filed that the user can’t access.

Which statement is true when using record types to control pick list values? Choose 2
a. If record type is renamed, then the list of values included in that record type are also changed to match newly renamed record type.
b. If values are added to the opportunity stage, case status and lead status fields, then the values must be manually adjusted for each record type.
c. If a pick list value is removed from the master, then it is no longer available when creating new records, but records assigned to that value are unchanged.
d. If a pick list value is added to the master pick list, then the new values must be manually included in the appropriate record types.

Universal containers want to be able to search for partner accounts by area code. Which field type should the area code be stored in? Choose 2.

a. Text
b. Email
c. Phone
d. Number
e. Multi Pick list

Will post more Salesforce Platform Developer-1 practice questions – set 6 later to prepare for Salesforce PlatformDeveloper Exam.

These Salesforce Platform Developer-1 practice questions – set 6 are only for practice, please go to the Salesforce Platform Developer-1 practice questions – set 6 with good preparation and some hands on experience.

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