Choosing Opinion Essay Topics for an Outstanding Essay

Everybody holds opinions about different subject matters in life ranging from education to lifestyle. In unique ways, we have embraced different media platforms to express our views and foster relationship among ourselves. You would agree that our ability to choose our opinions while demanding for the respect of each other’s views stems from an appreciation of our diversity. Most times, students are expected to write their opinions in an essay format, which may be a daunting task for them.

This guide provides you a list of strong opinion topics while addressing your concerns in respect of opinion essay writing.

What is opinion essay?

Generally, an opinion essay can be defined as a piece of essay writing in which the writer expresses views or thoughts on a particular topic, backing these views or thoughts with references. Opinion essays must comply with relevant writing formalities. This is one of the reasons you must understand to how to start an opinion essay. 

Requirements for opinion essay writing

In view of the structure of opinion essay writing, you are expected comply with certain requirements while expressing your opinions regarding the preferred topic. Some of these requirements include the itemized elements.

  1. The use of formal language

When writing your opinion essay, avoid using slangs or short forms and ensure that your ideas are discussed in paragraphs.

  1. Choose strong opinion topics

Your topic is the bedrock of your opinion and as such, you should ensure that it is practical, relevant and relatable to the readers.

  1. Make use of first-person pronoun

The opinion should be written in first person because it communicates your perception of a subject matter.

Analyzing the structure of opinion essay

The structure of opinion essay is like that of other essays. It consists of the following elements:

  1. The Title: this contains the topic the writer has chosen to write about.
  2. Introductory paragraph: in this paragraph, the writer introduces the topic and clearly states their opinion. This is where the thesis statement (main point) is shared with the readers.
  3. Supporting paragraphs: this is also known as the body of the opinion essay. In these paragraphs, the writer gives facts and examples to support their thesis statement.
  4. Concluding paragraph: here, you summarise your essay and reinstate your thesis statement.

At all times, your opinion essay outline should follow the above-stated structure.

How to come up with strong opinion topics?

When choosing topics for opinion writing, you have to ensure that the selected topic is one that allows you explain your views on the subject matter with supporting evidence. Good opinion essay topics save you from having to deal with a writer’s block in the course of the opinion writing.

List of sample essay topics for opinion writing

You will find below a number of opinion topics that you can choose from whenever you want to write an opinion essay.

Best opinion topics to write about

  1. Government spending on infrastructure improvement has to increase. Do you agree?
  2. Success is a result of one’s ability to work hard; luck has no bearing on success. Are you in agreement or disagreement with this claim?
  3. What were the real causes of the Cold War?
  4. Is internet censorship necessary?
  5. Which environment—a huge city or a rural setting—do you prefer for raising children?

Good opinion writing topics

  1. Faults in the tsunami prevention system
  2. Should the study of culture be required in healthcare education?
  3. NFT traders should be paid in millions.
  4. The Catholic Church has been influential throughout history.
  5. Cannabis used for medical purposes should be prohibited. Do you agree?

Interesting opinion essay topics

  1. You can experience cultural shock in your own country.
  2. How may social protests assist draw attention to environmental harm?
  3. One’s character is favorably impacted by military training.
  4. Globalization has a lot of risks that the government fails to share with the public. Do you agree?
  5. City dwellers should have free access to public transportation?
  6. Is it moral to chip animals?
  7. Should environmental issues be promoted on social media?
  8. Parenting under stress is unhealthy.
  9. Should there be a global fund to prevent earthquakes?

Opinion essay topics college

  1. Do standardized tests genuinely provide a reliable indicator of aptitude and intelligence?
  2. Is today’s world less violent than it was under the Roman Empire?
  3. Should the legal drinking age be raised to 21?
  4. Social media reduces the depth of relationships.
  5. The act of journaling is beneficial for one’s emotional health.
  6. An office is unnecessary for modern organizations.

Opinion essay topics high school

  1. Some pupils dread gym class, whilst others adore it. Is teaching it actually necessary?
  2. Kids should be allowed to make decisions in life-or-death situations. Do you agree?
  3. Should sodas like Fanta and sprite be available for purchase in schools?
  4. Do working mothers make better parents?
  5. E-books should be permitted for usage in class.


In opinion writing, the goal is not to persuade but rather present the facts as it resonates with you. Thus, you must ensure that you have sufficient facts to support your opinion. 

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