Motorola Moto X4 review: Standout midrange Android phone is even cheaper – CNET

Update Summer, 2018

When the original Moto X4 launched in December 2017, we were impressed with its reliable performance, water resistance and inexpensive price.

Six months later, it remains just as competitive against other mid-range phones, if not more so given its price has dropped significantly. On Google’s Project Fi, you can now nab it for $249, and Motorola currently sells it for $299, £200 and AU$599. (Unfortunately, it’s out of stock at Amazon, which out of these three vendors used to sell it for the cheapest).

Those deep discounts only work towards the Moto X4’s benefit, since there hasn’t been a solid, widely-available alternative since the phone’s launch. Sure, there’s the Moto G6 — a cheap Motorola phone that launched this year and costs $249 too (or £186 and AU$320, converted). But it has a slower processor and a camera setup that’s a half-step below the X4. In addition, given that the new OnePlus 6 is more expensive than its predecessor at $529 and £469 (in Australia that converts to AU$702), the price differential between the Moto X4 and the OnePlus 6 is even greater, making the former an even bigger steal than it was before.  

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The original review of the Moto X4 was posted on December 20, 2017. It is mostly unchanged and follows below.

Motorola’s high-end phones pack punch, but entry-level and midprice Android devices are where this phonemaker really shines. With the Moto X4, the company has another midrange winner that gives you some pretty great hardware and software tricks for a reasonable price (see below, it gets a bit complicated).

Motorola Moto X4 pricing
Motorola Google Amazon US $399 (now $349) $399 (now $324) $330 (now $279) UK £349 N/A N/A AU AU$699 N/A N/A

The Moto X4 sits a tier above the Moto G5 Plus ($230 at, our favorite budget phone, and below the Moto Z2, which has magnetic attachments for accessories like an extended battery pack. (It costs about the same as the Z2 Play, which also works with the same add-ons.) What I like about the Moto X4 is its water-resistant design, dual rear cameras, expandable memory and boatload of software features at an inexpensive price. It lacks a super-fast processor and the ability to customize the phone’s colors, which was one of my favorite things about Moto X phones from 2014.

You can buy the Moto X4 unlocked from, Google (with Project Fi service), or unlocked from Amazon with Prime ads. In the US, prices vary from $300 to $400 unlocked, but you should also keep an eye out for deals and price cuts in your area. In the UK, the Moto X4 starts at £349, and it costs AU$699 in Australia.

While it’s not as fast as a Moto Z2