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Razer Core X: bigger and badder

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An external GPU box can turn your lightweight laptop into a muscular machine, but at $500 for an empty box, Razer’s Core v2 eGPU doesn’t make sense for a lot of people. It’s snazzy and slim, but with most mainstream eGPUs closer to $300, you start thinking about how much more sense it makes to spend that extra $200 on a better graphics card to put inside. For those folks, Razer has brought our the Core X, a $300 alternative that’s bigger and bulkier and lacking in some of the extras, but that can take three full-size graphics cards instead of the v2’s two.

It’s shipping in the US; we don’t have pricing and availability for the UK and Australia, but the US price directly converts to about £225 and AU$395.

Like all of Razer’s eGPUs, the Core X connects via a USB-C/Thunderbolt

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