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Surfing Chronicles: Cokes

‘Cokes’ is one of the best surfing camps in North Malé Atoll. This world-renowned surfing spot in the Maldives is named after a Coca-Cola factory on the nearby island of Thulusdhoo.

By speedboat, Thulusdhoo is less than an hour and a half away from the main airport island, Velaanaa International Airport. The island is inhabited, with a population slightly over 800.

Guesthouse businesses boomed on the island thanks to the endless flow of surfers drawn to it by the allure of the Cokes surfing spot. In addition to Cokes, many other surfing breaks are accessible via Thulusdhoo. Two of these popular spots are Chickens and Jailbreaks.

Cokes is a surfing favourite because the reef there is really shallow. This causes some pretty impressive swells.

Surfers should be wary of the reef, especially during low tide.

Injuries inflicted by the sharp corals there will not end up well, so the

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