Create Your First Salesforce CLI Plugin

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In our recent blog series Getting Started with Salesforce DX, we introduced you to the capabilities of the Salesforce CLI. This post introduces you to the overall architecture of Salesforce CLI plugins, how to get started with the new plugin generator, and the new Salesforce DX libraries as well as some considerations for your first plugin project.

The Salesforce CLI architecture

Before we start it’s important to learn what the moving parts around the Salesforce CLI are, and how they work together:


Salesforce CLI
The CLI represents the core sfdx-cli. It is what you execute on your local machine or on your CI/CD system. It provides functionality to install custom plugins. By the way, did you know that the CLI doesn’t “know” much about Salesforce DX? Next, you’ll see why.

The CLI itself doesn’t know much about Salesforce DX. That is because Salesforce DX

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