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Content-Culminating Services – 'Mailist' Delivers Unread Content Directly to Your Inbox (

‘Mailist’ Delivers Unread Content Directly to Your Inbox Many consumers who consume content online will add a multitude of different articles and reports to their reading list only to forget about them, so ‘Mailist’ is positioned as a solution to help ensure this is never the case.

The browser extension works by sending you an email once a week filled with five random links to the content that you haven’t had a chance to read yet. This will come as welcome news to consumers who often forget to read content or find it overwhelming to make their way through favorite articles or content varieties.

The ‘Mailist’ browser extension speaks to the rising amount of content that consumers are dealing with that requires a helping hand to get through before it becomes old news.

Mini Simultaneous Charging Batteries – The HyperJuice Battery Pack Charges Laptops, Tablets and More (

The HyperJuice Battery Pack Charges Laptops, Tablets and More The average consumer has multiple devices in their ownership that require charging on a consistent basis, so the HyperJuice battery pack has been created as a solution that will enable just that in a streamlined, outlet-free manner.

The device is integrated with a 27,000mAh battery that will charge multiple devices at the same time including your laptop, tablet and/or smartphone to keep users feeling less restricted in where they can go. The battery is ultra-compact and will come as welcome news to mobile computer users or even gamers who are seeking out a better way to stay connected without having to seek out an electrical outlet.

The HyperJuice battery pack boasts a low-cost to make it the only battery you’ll need to power all of your digital devices.

Top 30 Social Media Trends in September – From Cartoon Cat Influencers to Internet-Based Fragrances (

From Cartoon Cat Influencers to Internet-Based Fragrances By: Amy Duong – Sep 18, 2018
The Internet’s accessibility is only growing, with a number of broadening platforms attainable through a series of different mediums — these September 2018 social media trends pay into the growing effect technology has on our everyday lives. The concept of connectivity through digital means is at our fingertips and many industries are taking advantage of this notion to reach a mass audience and to improve communication at a larger scale.

An example from this month is Sanrio’s new Hello Kitty channel on YouTube, where the iconic cartoon cat is able to gather a following as an animated vlogger and influencer. This channel draws in a relationship between a character and a group of viewers, making content personable and appealing to a rapidly growing audience.

Another example is the way that The Instance Fragrance Concept creates formulated scents based on a person’s Instagram feed. The company aims to produce scents that are based on some sort of memory. This marketing approach elevates a social media concept into something that is physical and breaches beyond the digital boundaries to draw an even deeper connection to consumers.

Anti-Distraction 4G Cellphones – The Punkt MP02 Discourages Constant Connectivity (

The Punkt MP02 Discourages Constant Connectivity Smartphones have augmented many consumers to expect constant connectivity, which is something the Punkt MP02 cellphone aims to change with a design that is focused on a different kind of connection.

The cellphone itself is intentionally simple and designed only for making calls and sending texts, which will come as welcome news to consumers seeking to disconnect from their device. The cellphone does features 4G LTE connectivity that can only be accessed via a tablet or computer, which will help the user to maintain more of a focus on limiting the time they spend online.

The Punkt MP02 cellphone comes as a response to the ubiquity of connectivity and the need for ways to limit everyday digital communication.

Shoppable Livestreamed Catwalks – The Victoria Beckham SS19 Show Was Broadcast at Piccadilly Lights (

The Victoria Beckham SS19 Show Was Broadcast at Piccadilly Lights The recent Victoria Beckham SS19 show made history by being the first live stream carried by the newly renovated Piccadilly Lights, preceded by a video looking back at the brand’s first 10 years. The show was particularly special given that these fall shows mark the 10-year anniversary of the Victoria Beckham brand, with the live stream serving as an official celebration of this milestone. The show took place at a venue on Dover Street as part of London Fashion Week.

Post-show, each look from the Victoria Beckham SS19 collection is available for pre-order on the brand’s website. The web page features a replay of the monumental show, with each of the 31 looks from the show available for view and individually priced below.

Prosumer-Friendly Video Platforms – The 'Fluttr' Video Sharing Platform Has an Intuitive Interface (

The ‘Fluttr’ Video Sharing Platform Has an Intuitive Interface The ‘Fluttr’ video sharing platform is positioned as a modern solution for prosumers who are looking for the latest way to share their content that is more focused on community.

The platform boasts an intuitive interface that is simple for users to use when looking to upload and very organized for viewers to get around when seeking out content from their favorite producers. The platform also features Gems that can be purchased and given to content makers to help support their craft, while also being an effective way for influencers to monetize their work.

The ‘Fluttr’ video sharing platform addresses the need for more modern, intuitive ways for consumers to share content and even make money off of it in a market that is becoming increasingly digitized when it comes to creative jobs.